Sharon Farsijani
Sharon Farsijani


I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and was a reporter for many years before diving into the world of fragrances. Upon returning to my hometown of New York City I had been to so many weddings (either as a bridesmaid or guest) and various occasions that I wanted to create a product to seal the memory of the special day and show how much everyone involved in the process is appreciated. I used my bloodhound fragrance intuition and created a dynamic world of scent creation for individuals to express themselves through personality, mood and the feeling they desired to convey.

After months of creating the process, now, I open this possibility up to you to find your perfect combination and everything in between. Helping newlyweds and individuals create a unique and indispensable gift is a special feeling- just one whiff of the custom scent and they are automatically transported back to their special day! All my clients, couples, their guests and bridal parties truly appreciate and value it- just as much as I value bringing a smile to their face!

I'm also thrilled to share my new Poppy Collection which is based off of emotions from my memoir regarding a female's journey of self-discovery and the obstacles I overcame when working as a female journalist in the Middle East. All this in hopes that it might serve as a source of help and inspiration to other females (or anyone really) facing challenges.

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We are a luxury perfume and cologne company creating scents for weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, all special occasions and individuals. We also have our very own scent collection based off of various feelings and emotions, our private & signature collection.

Fragrances are the ultimate expression of you. At Desert35, we collaborate with you to create that expression through your own signature fragrance. Our specialists utilize your personality and mood, along with over 50 different fragrance notes, to create a one-of-a-kind perfume or cologne. Alongside our master perfumers we are the intersection of fashion, high end scent design blended with natural oils. Your finalized fragrance comes in a luxury labeled box filled in a high-quality personalized designer bottle which can be custom engraved or monogrammed - you decide!

Whether an event, wedding, shower or other special occasion - seal it with a scent!

You can always relive that memory by re-creating that same scent on any anniversary!