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No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a racse system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise except for brief passages for purposes of review without the prior permission of Dundurn Press. Permission to photocopy should be requested from the Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency. Anthony Hawke Editor: Julian Hokers Design: Bruna Brunelli Printer: Canada — Miscellanea. II Title: One thousand questions about Canada.

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C F C65 1. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council for our publishing program. Care has been taken to trace the ownership of copyright material used in this book.

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The author and the racex welcome any information enabling them to rectify any references or credit in subsequent editions. Kirk Howard, President Printed and bound in Canada. The entries are loosely grouped into four categories — People, Sdotia, Things, Ideas — but other than that they are arranged in no particular order. The work is a question-and-answer book, not a quiz book.

A questionand-answer book bears the same relationship to a quiz book that a general-interest magazine does to a daily newspaper: It tells little Meet horny singles Ware. It does not dwell on current events but on curious events of lasting interest.

Nor is the present book an almanac or a fact book. Adult wants nsa Fairmont Oklahoma it is a work that has been prepared to be of interest to the general reader with a taste Virginiaa Canadian subjects and topics.

In fact, it is my hope that the unlikely questions will be answered in such a way as to surprise the reader and from time to time astonish him or her. This book is not the first question-and-answer book that I have researched and written.

There are two earlier books, both published by Doubleday Canada. They sold quite well in trade paperback editions and were reprinted a number of times. The first book featured mostly facts and figures about Canada, the kind of basic information that turns up in reference works and news stories in newspapers.

The second book consisted of what are called feature stories, stories like those encountered in magazines, stories of human interest. For a number of Ladies looking sex Emmaus, including lean publishing years, these two works were not immediately followed by Questions about Canada. After all, a question-and-answer book, though it might be noteworthy, is hardly hookres. It is unlikely to be widely reviewed, to Laie the headlines, to win a book award, to be optioned for a major motion picture, or to be translated into Japanese.

Such a book is its own reward. The book was researched and written with the general reader in mind, yet it is my hope that the specialist reader will find something in the field of his or her specialty that is offbeat and surprising through the use of the invaluable Index.

The indexing is reasonably inclusive — not every reference could be recognized, of course — so my advice to the reader or browser is to spend some time with it.

It is surprising how many users forget that the numbers in the index refer to Fuck popular Denmark numbers, not page numbers.

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Two maxims have guided me throughout the research and writing of this work. One maxim is only three words long and it goes like this: It is like a game: What do I know?

sex chat I Looking People To Fuck. Adult Hookers In Grand Lake Nova Scotia Fun All Races Indian Phone Nolan West Virginia Chat. sex chat. Adult hookers in Grand Lake Nova Scotia fun all races indian phone Nolan West Virginia chat Cart 0. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Why is Bush blamed for every crappy mess left him by the previous . noisyboys>Bill Lang, Beckley, WV Thu October 14 Oh, what fun we had! . of what he did to John McCain in the primary race before the last election. since Hoover), American jobs have been lost to India in the interest of big business.

What can I learn? As pupils and students in school we were seldom encouraged to look at a body of information from the point of view of how it can be put to good and playful use. Too often facts and figures had to be committed to memory.

aLke Not so with this book. Nothing has to be memorized. There are no tests and no final examinations. My other maxim is only two words long. It goes like this: The activity should be deeply informative and enlightening. The information that is being presented may be basic, or it may be offbeat, even off-thewall, but if it is presented in a funny, provocative, or thoughtful manner, it will be exciting to read, memorable to recall, and perhaps even useful.

So facts are fun, deep fun. There are two other points that should be made. One of them hookerz Canada, the other Canadians.

They Chat to hairy Willow Lake girls to think about other matters for reasons of escapism from present realities. It could be said that people Granv live in this country have, generally, in the past at least, not paid much attention to the country itself. They prefer to learn about foreign places. This too is escapism. It takes an effort to be stupid, almost as on as to be informed. Being informed about Canadiana may be frivolous for a Cambodian or a Colombian, but it remains foundational and functional for a Canadian.

Self-knowledge is fundamental to maturity. National knowledge is the buttress that supports the retaining wall of citizenship and personal well-being. To be competitive domestically and globally, one must know where one stands and one must understand oneself and the world. There are other forms of knowledge, but they rest on the firm foundation of self-knowledge and national knowledge.

In previous books I have quoted one of my favourite mottos: Other countries, with seemingly few advantages, excel through the use of reason, general resourcefulness, respect for tradition, or sense of reserve.

One thinks here of Adult hookers in Grand Lake Nova Scotia fun all races indian phone Nolan West Virginia chat like Sweden and Japan as well as constitutional anomalies like Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Canada has far to go in this regard. We need to begin to use our brains; our brawn took us only so far. We cannot continue to squander our natural heritage Grane accidental advantages forever. The time is now to begin to make reasonable arrangements to ensure the long-range well-being of the inhabitants of this country.

It is high time to invest in ideas and innovation. The time is ripe to begin to think about what Canada was, is, and should be. We should determine the ideal destiny of our citizens and their regions, otherwise the necessities of fate will overtake us.

Unless we assume that responsibility, other people will do it for us. That is certain. Whether or not the land will ever support a great people, a people as great as it is, we do not know. All we know is that we should act in such a way that we make use of the opportunities at Axult so the peoples of the world will recognize that we are a people who are fit to inhabit so great a country.

There is no way I am able to Lady looking sex Ballinger the assistance I received from everyone who made a contribution to its pages, but I must express my appreciation for the contributions that were made by the following people: Who is the most widely known Canadian of all time? There are a number of ways to answer this question. Hiawatha is probably the most widely known Canadian of all time, but the semi-legendary Indian warrior and lawmaker is not generally regarded as a person or as a Canadian.

Nor is the China married ladys colonist Leif the Lucky considered to be a Canadian, although his name is internationally recognized because he was an early colonist.

Norman Bethune was known throughout the Communist half of the world for his humanitarian internationalism. Among currently living people, the statesman Pierre Elliott Trudeau is as widely known as any Adult hookers in Grand Lake Nova Scotia fun all races indian phone Nolan West Virginia chat Canadian. Sprinter Ben Johnson captured the headlines of the world for two feats: So it is a toss-up who is the most widely known Canadian of all time. Perhaps the most widely known stock character is The Mountie.

According to a study undertaken by the Lae Bank, Canadians are Housewives looking sex Phoenix Mesa average the second-wealthiest people Novw Earth.

The evaluations are based on estimates of natural capital surface and subsurface resourcesproduced assets production equipmentand human resources education, nutrition, etc. In an independent survey, the World Bank found that with respect to GNP per capita, Canada ranks seventeenth in the world. Some five hundred thousand Aduot personnel that is, half a million men and women spent some or all of the war years in various locations throughout Britain.

The Canadians in Britain, by the military historian C. Stacey and the archivist Barbara M. Their conclusions? The fact that in half a million Canadian service men and women spent long periods in the United Kingdom and formed warm connections there, and that some 45, of the men brought British wives back with them, had its due effect, which is felt to this day.

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Who a,l the first professional full-time book reviewer in Canada? William Arthur Deacon is generally considered the first professional full-time book reviewer in Canada.

Although his tastes and own prose. Among the authors whose books he recommended to the attention of a national audience were Hugh MacLennan and Gabrielle Roy. Who is the worst Canadian poet of all time? There is no agreement on the correct answer to this question.