Finding a Perfume Supplier That Meets Your Needs

April 4, 2021 , Perfume Supplier

How on earth do they do it? This very question begs the obvious question; how on earth are perfume wholesalers and perfume suppliers able to provide such an incredible array of excellent fragrances at such ridiculously low prices? To top it off, these beautiful smelling fragrances are often blended using the best imported European perfume oils, yet hardly denting the wallets of South Africans, although in hard economic times, even in hard economic periods like now, the prices are still incredibly reasonable.

But how can you get your hands on these incredible prices and still get the quality that is so important to perfumers and fragrance manufacturers? You obviously have to be a private label perfume supplier, which many people aren’t even aware exists. A “private label” perfume means that the brand itself is being sold by another company, not by the perfume manufacturer themselves. In fact, they might even be selling many different brands, each bearing their own label. Private label perfumes and colognes are usually made by small family-owned companies that manufacture based on the demand for particular fragrance, rather than on the demand for the specific scent.

So, for you as a perfume maker, what exactly could be the advantage of working with a “private label”? For one thing, you would be able to make your exact fragrance desired, with the aroma you want, rather than being limited to a particular formula. You would be able to make a huge range of different scents that would appeal to your particular niche market. And since most wholesale prices of essential oils and fragrance oils are so much lower than retail prices – the margin of profit is huge.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to get your hands on as many different brands and varieties of fragrances as possible, since your perfume business is not going to succeed if you only have one or two products. The best way to do this is to find a reliable online fragrance directory list – one that offers not just a list of essential oil brands and their corresponding fragrances, but that goes the extra mile and offers both an easy-to-use database of available products and a feature where you can rate various brands and fragrances for customer satisfaction. And finally, to help keep costs low, some online perfume directories offer free dropshipping services for your own perfume products.

But there’s more to choosing a good perfume supplier than just these three key factors. If you’ve decided to work with a small, private label perfume supplier, then you’ll want to check out their selection of popular perfumes, in addition to their wide variety of fragrances for sale, both in liquid and solid forms. Liquid perfumes should be easy to apply using a pump, as liquid perfume is more difficult to apply using a standard swab, which is essential for taking along on any job site. Perfume atomizers come in several sizes and shapes, and you’ll want to see which atomizer will be easiest for you to use. In addition to the shape of the atomizer – whether it is round, square, rectangular, or rectangular tip – you’ll want to pay close attention to the label on the atomizer: “open container” or “open air”.

After you’ve found a few suppliers that meet your basic needs, take them up on offering you the specials that no other company offering your scent is likely to. Some good, popular name brand manufacturers regularly release small niche collections of high quality, popular fragrances. Just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean they’re lesser than the larger, better-known brands; in fact, you may actually find that the smaller niche perfumes from these same large manufacturers are less expensive, simply because of the name and reputation attached to them. These niche perfumes may not be for everybody, but they certainly carry the prestige and comfort of prestige and well-known name.


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