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I Want Nsa Sex Do you want to get fisted

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Do you want to get fisted

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Friends to start and see how that progresses. I like to kiss, like to lick pussy and fiisted course enjoy fucking. I forgave you, and I miss you. Looking for attractive MWF for a lunchtime encounter.

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Have you only tried fisting with a serious partner, or in a casual relationship as well? Woman A: Serious partner male — my first adult, long-term ish relationship.

Do you want to get fisted I Am Search Vip Sex

How old were you the first time you did it? Were you the fister or the fistee? Or have you done both? And whose idea was it — yours or theirs?

I think it was mutual — I really liked being penetrated by several of his fingers at once, and he might've suggested we try fisting since it seemed like something I'd enjoy. And then he went off and researched it, being that kind of person. We needed a lot of time and used water-based lube Do you want to get fisted latex gloves.

Also trust, as having someone's hand inside you is fairly intimate!

I Am Seeking Hookers Do you want to get fisted

That relationship was quite sexually adventurous, for me at least, and fisting was at the apex of that. Oh, and you don't have your hand in a fist when you're entering your partner: Lots of fingering and gentle tp helped. Woman B: Foreplay — normal kissing, touching, fingers penetrating, etc.

Did it feel good?

Serial Fisters Tell Us How to Fist – and Why! - VICE

Or conversely, did it hurt? Getting there hurt. Neither I nor my partner had fisted before that I know of, tto him and there were some very painful false starts getting there. Using gloves, different positions, a lot of lube, and much talking helped — "Is this OK?

It felt intense and slow and gentle and loving.

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The fisting itself didn't give me an orgasm but my partner playing with my clit while his hand was inside me did, over and over. Very intense as I said above! Who enjoyed it more, you or your partner?

Uou think I enjoyed it more. But while being fisted I wasn't really in a headspace to notice much else. I think we both enjoyed it as a very intimate thing.

I enjoyed it the most when it was done to me rather than when I was doing it. I don't know which role she enjoyed more.

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How do the sensations compare to other penetrative sex acts? Very intense and Di lot of pressure everywhere inside you. It was different in that, once his hand was inside, he only moved it gently not thrusting as with a penis or dildo or what have you. Also it could go Do you want to get fisted for a long time, until I'd had enough or his hand started to cramp.

It was a bit removed, bodily. Normal penis in vagina sex you can be quite close and in fisting he was halfway down my body and a bit away. Also, I was sore afterward for a few days.

It feels much more intimate. It isn't something I'd do with fisteed I didn't feel safe with and really connected to. Is fisting a regular part of your sex life now?

I demonstrated: my hand, balled in a fist, punched slowly through the air, The only thing you need is the hunger — that can't-look-away. Same as anal sex, fisting (most commonly vaginal fisting) does take a lot of time, stretching and Women can get baby through that vagina, so we know it's stretchy!!! But we don't want it to be painful, that's why we take it slow. I wondered if there were people who really got into fisting each other, or if it was more Just like that, we reset and prepared for me to fist her.

It isn't, mostly because I haven't brought it up with my current partner. I keep on thinking Do you want to get fisted it and then chickening out on asking. It requires trust Sexy teens in Rockingham patience and lube and gloves and most importantly time, gte isn't something I have a lot of. Writing this is making me think about it though! It takes a while to work up to it. It's not an every-nightminutes-of-sex type of thing.

It's more like something that you do after having sex for an hour tl two, once intensity is building up. Do you have any advice for people who might want to try it?

Or whose partners want to try it? Take all the time you need; use all of the lube.

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Tou also help for letting things slip in a little easier — and don't be discouraged if it takes a few goes. And if you or your partner is hurting or doesn't think it's going to work, it's fine to stop.

Fisting Real Women Talk About Fisting

You might take a few goes or decide it's not Do you want to get fisted you. I would only consider fisting again with someone I trusted egt was probably in a relationship with, but your mileage may vary.

Make sure you feel safe and trust the person you're doing it to or having do it to you. To me, it feels very intimate. I think it would hurt if you weren't tuned into each other.

Do you want to get fisted I Am Wanting Sexual Dating

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I confess I misread this as FISHING, and I thought, wow, the questions really are getting weird, here. Fishing is boring. Fisting never done it. Fisting, by nature, seems like it would be an extremely painful sex act. You're not supposed to shove your hand up in there very quickly. As I said earlier, we did not have full PIV before getting married. Have you ever been fisted? . I can tell you what its like to fist a woman.

Serious partner female. What did you do to prepare for it? Did you orgasm from it? Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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