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Books by Language uslprototype. Full text of " Censura literaria: BC m. A voice h. O narrow Women want sex Blanket Yet to one dull unchanging path confin'd, Osie form of phrase, one track of thought must bound! April 22, J 80S. Tho' no kind Xxxkn has smil'd Stougjton my birth; Nor prosperous Fortune shot a transient light Thro' die black clouds that gather round my sight; Yet still I strive to dress my soul with Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake.

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That shall exceed the praise, so rife on earth. Labouring to cultivate the inward sprite For those empyreal scenes, where as no night; And living streams allow no thirst, or dearth! Then, when some cynic glancing on my toil, " Is this the fruit?

As years have o'er me roll'd, and I begin Descend the vale of life, methinks, the fire Of my uneasy bosom should retire ; And, 'stead of flames and tossing storms, within A calm its soothing influence should win!

I seek the Musej I seize the slighted lyre. With strains of Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake and pleasure to inspire.

And call my thoughts from the vile worldling's din. But, oh, how vain I my irritable eye Catches new beams of insult, and of hate ; Deep in my aching heart new sorrows sigh j And fresh neglects increasing ire create. Is this the boast of thy proud Learning's lore? O yes! Hesther frail machine some earth-born sighs may heave!

O blame not Learning's page, and Fancy's Song, That they Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake create mankind anew; And lift this mould of clay to that bright throng, Where angels none Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake heavenly aims pursue. E'en with faint glimmerings of the ray Adult seeking hot sex Aline Oklahoma 73716 Apiil 23, iSqS.


The K ilendar of Shepardes, Fol. A Poore Helpe, b.

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A Brief Regiftei, in metre of Martyrs, izmo. Larke's Boke of Wifdotn, or Flower of Vertue, izmo. The Banquet of Dainties, b, 1. Fragment of Wilmot's Tragedy of Gifmonde of Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake, Ein'a h on Stouvhton Price, Efq. Extraftj from England's ParnafTjs, Green's Ciceronis Amor, 4 to. Purfoot's Life and Death of Heitir, Fol. Extiadls fr im Leonard Digges's Gerardo, Martin Parker's Nightingale warbling her difafter, i2mo.

Stapylton, i2mo.

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An Exhortation in Naughty Adult Dating Sex club in Snowville Utah of Hen. True Portraitures of the Bible, 8vo. The whole Difcourfe of the Vidtory over the Turks, 1 2mo. Letter of I. Munday's Brief Aiifwerto two feditious pamphlets, 8vo. Doleman's Conference on the Succeflion to the Crown, 8vo. Defcriptiones Perfecutionis Chriftiaiiorum, n. Nafli's Pierce Penileffe, 4to. Difcoverye of a Counterfeit Conference in anfwer to Doleman, 8vo.

Elizabeth Grymefton's Mifcellanea, izmo -ty, Metamorphofis of Man deciphered in charadlers, i2mo, JohnFauftus, 4to. Guzman Hindc and Hannam outftri] ped, liino. The character of an Antiquarian, Barkfdale'i Memorial! Fragments Aulicii, b T. The way to be rich after the praclije of Audley, Felthaai's Ref jlves, Fol. Shifts of Reynardiae, 4to. Brief Notice of Dr. Brydges i;7 IVlifs Jon'js, Poetcfj Defers of Modern CrlticifrnjS; Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake On the prefent Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake of Public CtitiCifin 6i.

Confirmation of tlie word " Tye" ' The Ruminator. On Mrs. On tlie pleaf ires of reading How far is fjidory true? On modern [ociry, and particularly Scott's Marmion. On the fcve: Charadler of Habingdon's Caliara. Rank, and riches, and Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake of heart, not favourable to intelleftual exertions Report of Sales of Books, N".

I 99 78 No. II Literary Intelligence, Xi.

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Supplement to Lifts of Literary Deaths no, Those with this mark f are in the Bibliographical Catalogue. Printed and are to be sold in Paul's Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake.

If this book has not already occurred to you, Ipohit ii out Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake on account of the sense of one word in it, namely, tye, which will help to ascertain the meaning of Shakspeare, when he describes the character of Wolsey in Henry VIII. B is is found the good, the profit, and pleasure, which are the hookes with which the will is taken. Now, from the examples produced above, it appears that the word was not become quite obsolete within a few years after the death of Shakspeare, for the impri- matur at the end of the above book is dated inso that this was not the first edition.

One cannot then Looking for sex Driggs be surprised that such a man as Mr. Farmer should suppose tyed to be an error Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake the old edition for tythed, agreeably to a conjecture of Sir Thomas Hanmer: He adds, indeed, another quotation from Fiddcs in his first edition, p.

The conclusion is no way connected with the quotations, nor with Mr. Farmer's intention for producing the quotations; which was to prove that Shakspeare did not copy the Latin word suggestion from Latin authors, but from old English authors: To this incoherent conclusion in the first edition, Mr.

Farmer added others in his second edition; for he was possibly sensible of its being not sufficiently warranted by any thing advanced in his first, therefore he made heatehr following addition in its support. By conniving at simony he might get into his hands sums of money, but Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake tythes; they would belong to those who paid the money.

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This Farmer calls a cant acceptation, and con- tends that Shakspeare could not be thought to use tyed all the kingdom for equalled all the kingdom. However, Mr.

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Farmer does not give a just account even of the sense of tye when it means to equal, in calling it a cant acceptation, for it is, in reality, only the remains again of a sense in which the word tye was also used by the Saxons themselves, and which has been accidentally preserved along Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake the hewther in which it was first employed: Now Teogan is found to mean, in Saxon, not only to draw in general, but also to draiv up to.

Manning expressly Rochester seeking old this little variation in its Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake.

Sic'diam ne fugo? Hence it follows, that the sequel which Mr. Farmer subjoins to the above quoted words, in his second edition, does no better disprove these ancient senses of tyed, than Stoughfon quotation from FloJlingshed proves any thing in favour of tythed.

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On the contrary I have proved the an- tiquity and use of Make love San Bernardino senses of the word, oake Mr. Farmer, as if sensible that tytked Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake not been well proved by him Hot heather xxxin Stoughton lake Hollingshcd, omits his quotation from Fiddes, and introduces a new quotation from Hall, from whom he thinks Hollingshcd copied his own account.

This quotation is, indeed, more to the purpose; for here the word tythe docs appear: This is the less probable, because in another place, at p. Farmer himself proves that Shak- speare did not copy from Hall, but from Hollingshed, a sentence in which the word mootker occurs, which sentence is in Hall likewise; for in Hall it is rightly printed brother, not moother: