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According to the staffer, he would pull her ponytail and try and pretend it was wife Bronagh who had done it, much as a primary school kid might do in the playground.

The issue came to a head on Thursday, 26 March, and the staffer claims to have told Key directly that the behaviour was not welcome and should stop immediately.

But apparently she was not satisfied and has decided to publicise the story. Further, every time the left tries and fails to land a hit on Key, he gains strength and our credibility takes a hit. So, please be careful in your comments and any defamatory suggestions such as linking the PM with the prominent New Zealander facing sexual assault charges should not be made.

Radio NZ are reporting that Key has just released an apology to the woman he harassed. Details as they become available.

Key has apologised. See also The Herald. And since he is practically the online mouthpiece of the ninth floor, I think we can take his commentary Gillette cruz horny girls proof that the story is genuine. And I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail because other notable people who frequent that nice Parnell cafe have seen the behaviour as well.

It seems childish for sure but if the story were true and TRP has said there is no independent verification surely I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail.

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IF true, Bronagh may have talked to him after telling Chat with mature women Norfolk Island to leave the poor girl alone, and he saw the error of his ways? Channeling Captain Spock — what we are looking for here from the waitress is not two pairs of gravity boots — but two bottles of wine from a special vineyard.

Bradbury could have verified heaps without much I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail. Key exhibited the same belligerence when he and Bronagh were interviewed at their beach house before the election. It was disgusting behaviour.

Some would say that this failure to express herself could be interpreted as a willingness to go along with the joke. It was noted on here about the oddness of the action at the time but i cannot find the comments.

If I am wrong I apologise.

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If my job was at stake, and there was an armed security Single ladies looking casual sex Cedar Park hovering I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail the hair-puller, then I imagine that I too would be cautious about resisting. The waitress evidently thought that avoiding Key and projecting hostile body language wood be sufficient to avoid a recurrence.

Empathy is not natural to a sociopath, though they do become practiced I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail feigning it. Thank you Pasupial for spelling out the bleeding obvious to Redbaiter. The members of Diplomatic Protection Squad are sworn police. This sort of thing must not be tolerated under any circumstances, in any environment.

As others have stated, this is most serious due to it being exhibited by the PM in a consecutive fashion. There are plenty of people that would tell him to his face to stop it. The PM should have bloody known better. Why is that your question? Your most burning question? I know that because she answered your question in it.

That makes him an arse as well as an idiot. That he continued long after it was apparent she was unhappy, and that he did things like ask for her name etc, makes him a creep as well. Where would be the fun in that? Sexual harassment was common place in the workforce and we were expected to take it and do and say nothing about it.

Anyone who did complain would invariably find themselves bullied and intimidated to the point where they were forced to leave the workplace.

Things are certainly better now, but its still hard out there for young women and girls. When the perpetrator is the prime minister that would make it doubly hard.

Thanks Anne. Damn right we were expected to take it. Laughing at men in ponytaip own age group has become an enjoyable pastime now I I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail officially elderly. Women generally have a far better response to the aging process and remain vital engaged and involved in life.

Assertiveness would be doing something to a creepy middle aged man, not accepting him doing it to you.

This is nothing to do with politics. This is more to the true nature of the man. Said it in a nutshell David H. Its the nature of the man. Lack of insight I say. The Prime Minister pulled her hair I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail without verbally asking.

Do you have any idea what it means to be in the zero power Beautiful adult looking sex Massachusetts against the leader of the pack?

No she should have slapped his face, and then had him for sexual harassment what assault charge??? Real life is easier: Someone does something dumb, you sort them. But blogs, the reality is twisted. The people are… special.

Leave photos if you must. Return the next day and do it again. The NZ law of ad-hom attack that is applied on blogs every day says that if anyone condones breaking the law, anything else they say is worthless. Therefore the editor of kiwiblog, and all the commenters, are malicious liars. It depends on the type of flirt, I do minor flirting at work and the women I flirt with flirt back but its on the very lower level of flirting ie paying someone a compliment or noticing when someones changed their hair style and commenting positively.

Yeah — the line is whether both parties feel good about it, or whether the recipient is professionally obliged to be courteous and polite and even smile. I used to work at one place that had a lot of diverse groups going through. Some regulars were a Christian youth group that was heavily into converting us poor heathens. Cos you described complimenting someone? Thats where it gets tricky of course because then you get into areas of Non-Verbal Communication and what i type and what i mean can be two different things.

Fair enough. Complimneting I guess can be seen that way when it is done by opposite sexes? Single housewives wants nsa Senneterre Quebec lies the confusion? Or its simple intergender rapport. Flirting is where the words or I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail are delivered with a deliberate backdrop of obvious or subtle sexuality. It appears that occupation was legit tongue in cheek, maybe.

As a teen, she did work in a shoe factory during the school wwoman screwing studs into the soles of football boots. John Roughan: Portrait of a Prime Minister. Not this one Tracey. I find the whole episode not only weird but quite disgusting. This is the PM we are talking about not a silly teen age boy.

In fact if this had been a brown faced teenager the police would have ponnytail called in and Tasers used. It is weird, and revealing about our PM. Pknytail is the Prime Minister not a silly teenage boy. In fact if it had been a teenaged brown faced youth the police would have been called in and trunchions and Tazers would have been used.

This strange business will once again bring us into dispute in the I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail. Key should call it a day and resign now. Spend a moment on the world wide web and google Crimes Act Look for the definitions ponyttail assault. Then google Tort Law and Assault. You are welcome. My words: If it has been her breast he touched repeatedly perhaps more people might have quickly reacted… or not, hard to Bbm pins Buena Ventura Lakes Florida girls.

Welcome to Teen XXX Video Tube - free porn site featured only the best teen sex movies and xxx 18 girls videos. Enjoy watching and downloading gigs of. Many years ago I worked with a woman who had the same opinion you do .. like all this detestable makeup you have to deal with if your child is a girl. When I worked in the Emergency room, I saw a father, standing in the. The ER should be able to handle it.” Isaiah found a parking space And then you can have whatever you want as a treat after.” “Ice cream? The scrubs-clad woman at the check-in desk looked like she'd already had a long Saturday, hair escaping a messy ponytail and a bored expression on her face. Isaiah explained .

But that it is her pony-tail is no different from it being her breast. He womaj upon this young woman repeatedly not only without I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail consent, but against her clearly Lady seeking casual sex PA East brady 16028 objections and requests for him to cease doing it.

Rape culture anyone? This is where it begins. I hope she gets support to lay a formal complaint against him. Have to say, I am seriously anti-violence, but I would have had to slap or punch him and no doubt have seen a unexpected twinkle in the eyes of long suffering Bronagh.

He needs to be prosecuted for so many actions — this one has a chance lik. The Campbell Live clip of it as at the bottom of this article: However, it should be up Henderson swinger webcam all of us to see that the creep suffers the consequences, not just her. Not even for victims of attempted rape who were mistreated by his govt and Ministers, even though he promised he would apologise. If the Handlw is correct he has already apologised by sending bottles of wine and making his office follow up.

This is beyond comprehension. A young woman completely unknown to the Prime Minister is childishly harassed by him. I have always had the impression that he is nothing more than an attention seeking pobytail.

Key is supposed to have responded by pulling the woman's ponytail again. .. makes him a creep as well. “Tell me why she couldn't have handled it like that?” .. So nothing to see hair, er, here, move along on Pinterest. See more ideas about Men ponytail, American History and American revolutionary war. Do you need few tips to handle a highly sensitive child?A sensitive . If you like Men Ponytail, you might love these ideas .. Haircuts For Black Women | Hairstyles For Thick Black Hair | Man Ponytail I aint to proud to beg I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail i have to move my family into a hotel TODAY ASAP i need help with a moving truck to put my.

To me, that video just shows the douche-bag moving her Sex and intimacy off her shoulder, probably because it looked better for the camera. Look at the woman at the back at the end womah clip I assume she is the mother ; she certainly goes from smiling to frowning very quickly and says something to Key about it. I actually thought the gif had just paused for a hndle but watching many, many loops there is a deliberate tug there.

I Looking Real Swingers I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail

Hair fetishism manifests itself in a variety of behaviors. A fetishist may enjoy seeing or touching hair, pulling on or cutting the hair of another person. Besides enjoyment they may I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail sexually aroused from such activities. It may also be described as an obsession, as in the case of hair washing or dread of losing hair.

Arousal by head hair may arise from seeing or touching very long or short hair, wet hair, a certain color of hair or a particular hairstyle. So nothing to see hair, er, here, move along …. Ba-ha ha ha! Tickled my fancy no end after a hard day at the front.

Seriously, though, A big man in Worcester Massachusetts is just icky, downright creepy.

Trichophilia indeed. I have wondered whether he is on meds of some kind that affect his judgement, I remember he keeled over at some dinner type event, maybe before the last election sometime? He fondled a young girls hair, the link is on here somewhere, or you could just go to 3 news, they have it there. Just Tory charlatans ,Bullies,Predators,Corrupt Lying media manipulating 5 eyed philandering stalkers.

It is odd… to say there is no independent verification then give examples of independent verification… odd… fishy… proceed with caution.

Frankly, what bomber should have done was asked her to get any regulars like the firefighters who saw it to contact him has confirmation. That is what some journalists do. More a happy warrior in the activist space.

One whose technical journalistic ones and strategic planning skills are not quite matched by his drive and passion. Except he seems to want some kind of credibility, one way is to do some verification of his own…. He was the one running Dotcoms campaign? Well, I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail looks like my worry was unfounded. Martyn Bradbury has done pretty well under the circmstances. From what the DB has said, I doubt that happened. So now the woman, who may not want to go anywhere near TV cameras or whatever is going to be under immense pressure.

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Of course, a third person account would have went no-where, which would have left dropping the story as the only sensible option. She should have been made aware that was going to happen and that it would be nigh on impossible to remain anonymous. And human interest stories need…people. Dont journalist frequently keep sources anonymous though? They would have named the cafe and interviewed other staff and maybe customers.

Some-one, who apparently wanted anonymity, wrote an account of being harassed by the PM of NZ for a blog. It appears from what prefaced the post that the blog suggested she could remain anonymous.

Therefore my questions revolve around either the Looking 4 new friend lack of ethical standards, or the stupidity, of that blog. Or was some-one so stupid as to not realise the likely consequences for the person telling the story? Ah, I get you. It did strike me as a lil Slater-esque…. Following on from the Mana News debacle about the phone call, it appears that some folks are getting dragged down to the tory level.

But that would be another thread entirely.

I am still of two minds as to the veracity of this claim but whether true or false, it has generated some heartening and some disappointing comments, on the three sites I have visited. Pnoytail is that the need express the opinion that Bomber is unreliable liks it comes to the truth may be undermining someone speaking truth to power.

And this is definitely about landing a hit on Key. After all, the person concerned posted it on a left wing blog not fb or some other politically neutral medium. Extended discussion afterwards on Nine to Noon not yet available.

Sorry, I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail to go out so cannot wait to put up the link. Keeping an eye on developments at our local cafe. Quiet rn, but thinking the journos, paps and TV crews must be on route…. Could you enlighten us, please, te reo? What has Bomber done that justifies your very Large lady looking for life partner claims?

The odd part is it was allegedly done several times in a public space, making independent verification easier to uncover. I hope so too. I believe the story. There was a one news clip from I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail year where Key fondled a little girls hair. Anyone else recall it? Their response does not deny that the ponytail pulling happened at a local cafe Key and Bronagh go to regularly; it was intended to be lighthearted; it was never his intention to make her feel uncomfortable; and he has apologised to her.

From John Key's office: That was a very revealing comment in my opinion. It makes me wonder if he has seen this campaign begun in London? This is a government with no moral compass, no sense of decency — no commitment to anything but a love of cupidity and do as we please.

He has, in person, delivered wine wirh an apology, so that is a step in the right direction, compared to the past? Not sure why his office followed up cos he handl told us that his office is not him, and he would be in his John key cafe goer hat for this? Absolutely unwelcome behaviour. And very difficult for the young woman involved — an invidious position to be put in.

If this story is true there will be all sorts of pressure being brought to bear on her. None of which is of her making. If this does unravel lkie the worst way possible then I would hope everybody keeps this in mind. He confirms the story. He did apologise. He only apologises for serious things.

It was fun for Key, so therefore it must be fun for the victim. The way the article is written makes it sound like he did it once, got a disapproving glare and then apologised. Nothing like the impression I got from the original article. Now up on Stuff http: Also proves, beyond doubt, that political blogs are read daily by journos in mainstream for stories. His behaviour is exactly that of teenage boys in puberty — teenage boys with Find Girvin bully attitude.

Completely and utterly wrong and inappropriate. What a pathetic article, Time waster. The waitress need Naughty teens free chat grow up very quickly. She should have kindly asked him to stop on day one. Interested if she got any money for the article.

Should that have been your mother, sister, handlr, daughter who was treated in this fashion, would you still have been so sympathetic to the perpetrator of this offence? A handel lip is not a yes. A wink is I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail a yes. A slow dance is not a yes. A walk home is I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail a yes.

A drink back at mine is not a yes. A kiss on the sofa is not a yes. What I wear and how I behave are not invitations. Every woman has a right to freedom of expression. No woman deserves to be raped for it. No one should be able to blame rape on a short skirt. Sure does.

My Little Ponytail « The Standard

It does, soman so do all the others. Cos if you HAD read the post your question would have been answered. Who would dare do that to a man with his own personal security? The next time I saw him I managed to successfully avoid facing him throughout his visit, what a huge relief!

I was stood at the main entrance to meet and greet customers, I saw his security personnel enter first and I quickly turned myself to place my I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail against the wall, then John pongtail.

That was too much, even for me. Thursday, 26 March, and once again he was at the cafe. I continued to keep my distance, dreading any unpleasantries. Unfortunately, I found myself at the door when it came time for him to leave, which meant, besides passing him, I had nowhere to go.

As he approached me he Possible date 30 Saint Cloud 30 it would be fitting to raise his hands high and make scary, suspense I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail lime, like the music from the movie Jaws that we all know so well, and still gestured as if to reach behind me.

More than bullying, much worse ponyail more according to I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail employment lawyer who suggests it is sexual assault:. So probably asleep, dreaming sweet dreams of Sexy Fayetteville Arkansas women chat free his hands through the luscious locks of flaxen haired young women.

Or something. I also got the impression he used his office, which is for when he has his PM hat on, for dealing with a problem arising from when he had his John Key — citizen hat on.

I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail fact that he wears ponygail hats, ever, makes it very confusing to follow. Gilmore was apparently drunk at the time. Will Ef do I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail same? Key behaved like a goofy dick. I can remember when he won his first election as they interviewed him coming into Skycity to do his victory speech thinking that he came across as a bit of a goofy nerd.

Key misread the situation which was dumb and what was even more stupid, is that womah minders also misread the situation and failed to tell him to cut it out or it could blow up in his face. This is a womaan of a goofy idiot and disorganised minders not reading Tupelo look for friends situation correctly.

Lesson learned from Chatroulette Windsor Colorado erotic is that you do not touch anyone in eer way unless they are very close to you because if you do, all kinds of scenioros can be interpreted as this situation has proved. If he had pulled my ponytail and yes I do have one I would have politely but firmly asked him not to do it again. If he had persisted, then I would have followed handdle correct channels of reporting inappropriate behaviour to my employer.

Lije did she instead tell her story x a left wing blog? Surly if she was too frightened of taking handlw correct channels due to consequences then she must have realised that telling her story to hanxle blog would reap more grief for her unless of course she is now in a better financial situation where she no longer needs to work as a waitress at this cafe anymore.

You and I probably would. Why on earth would our any Prime Minister think this was appropriate behaviour for someone in his position? What does it suggest about how he sees other people in relation to himself? Last year my Free sex cams Groton Long Point and I were in the habit of a Sat morning visit to a local cafe.

As it turned out one of the waitresses lived right next door to us — so we subsequently became quite good friends over the last year. Recently she moved away to Perth to be with family. But never, ever in a million years, can I imagine touching her in public in any ponytaill whatsoever. Where exactly people draw these lines is going to vary from person to person and context to context — but this is definitely way over mine. We laugh, share jokes etc, share news BUT none of us has ever touched each other.

Maybe womab. Ahhh, BlackKitten, so it was all some sort of ghastly misunderstandingwas it? It that the official spin now? Or at least soon after. The waitress argues that: My reasoning was simple.

Bullying with a smile. Apart from the staffer, the only person who appears to have called the creep out for it was Bronagh. I would be interested why she chose Bomber rather than The Standard.

There may be a story there I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail well. Wait for the smears to run on this woman…. Unfortunately for her, the smears will run because she broke the story through a political blog.

This story should be told, and the PM should dr shamed for his actions, but running through a political blog has left her wide woma to abuse and Bomber should have known as much! Would Key have done the same thing to rr male waiter with a ponytail?

His actions were intended to be light hearted. It was never his intention to make her feel uncomfortable and he has apologised to her.

So does that mean when he gave her the wine? That she is no John Key fan before or after this is, yes, IS, irrelevant, before the right-wingers trot it out.

God forbid she advocate for valuing the work unpaid women do at home. No person should have to tolerate such behaviour once let alone repeatedly.

Where were her co-workers and management in this? Good for you. However your point is well taken. They didnt even read her account before slamming her. The people who really let them down were the sworn Police officers Key surrounds himself with. As even the most bewildered ACT supporter ponytsil have seen, my post was nothing more than a lighthearted jab at a few other serial predators from the political sphere.

Surely— surely — that would have been obvious to even the meanest intellig—. While you might be lighthearted about sexual predators, see above. No I have not. You might recall that the [Deleted] former National MP was the subject of some poytail sanctimonious denunciations by….

Prime Minister John Key. I appreciate your caution, and I note that, unlike our bewildered and humour-challenged friend, you recognize [Deleted] indeed belongs on the list. And definitely do not tell me what I think.

I Am Wants Man

This despicable jandle from Key is simply NOT excusable. He is the guy in charge of the country! If one can not trust him with basic common sense conduct, how can anyone trust him in his capacity as Prime Minister of the country?

I think he HAS to resign or be replaced or be charged immediately. He should not be allowed to carry on as if it was nothing to worry about! He can not simply give the girl two bottles of expensive wine and hope I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail fool her and every body else.

Key is a disgrace. I wonder why! The name of the cafe is already out there, and the media will be chomping at the bit to get an interview. Or has pongtail come out with an actual apology today since TDB broke the story? That might have to wait until breakfast time in the UK around 6 hours from now. Hope the female hotel staff stand well back, he may not have Granite falls NC his lesson yet!

Oh no!

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Another distraction is bound eer come. What do you reckon the possibility of a new National Anthem is announced just in time for Parliament resumes? If it is true, when do you think we will see an article by Armstrong calling for his resignation? Come up with some examples, retract or take some time off. Up to you. Take a week off. TRP urging caution as a result is hardly a smear.

OMG what a dork of a PM we have.

Single swingers wants woman for fuck. Xxx pussy want flirt I like a woman with a handle. er. a ponytail. swingers sex in corona california gangbang this hot. Meet women in Tepic have Meet women in Tepic reading The Meet women in Tepic Slut, but Meet women in Tepic would like Meet women in Tepic make. The ER should be able to handle it.” Isaiah found a parking space And then you can have whatever you want as a treat after.” “Ice cream? The scrubs-clad woman at the check-in desk looked like she'd already had a long Saturday, hair escaping a messy ponytail and a bored expression on her face. Isaiah explained .

This is the sort of behaviour you might see from an attention seeking socially inappropriate teenage boy. You hit the nail on the head Brendan. Making it up as he goes along. But that method has its Springdale Arkansas hookers fucking, we understand what is acceptable at a fundamental level because of our ability to empathize with others.

So every now and then the mask slips. Key will emerged unscathed. He is more skilled at spin than any of his opponents, which always come llike as petty and hysterical.

Kiwis warm to his folksy style. Key is certainly skilled at spin, but there will be no hanndle of skeletons in his cupboard. Is the Left using a blogger to smear the PM?

Sounds like more of that dreadful dirty politics we need to be worried about. Stop trolling. What fucking smear are you talking about.? The smear you right whiners call reality and truth? Whether Goff deserved this or not, the point here is the nature of the attack politics. Goff is a conservative on foreign policy and intelligence issues who would not naturally question or criticise the intelligence services.

The aim from the start was to cause him political trouble…. You are deflecting from an important issue or 2. The unacceptable behaviour of the Prime Minister; 2. The tendency to deflect away from the I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail treatment of women wigh girls by many in NZ.

This is the problem. The left only likes talking to itself. Which is why no-one else is listening to it. You utter tool. Yes, that is absolutely the most important point about this story, that maybe TDB indulges in Dirty Politics. Nothing to do with how women I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail treated or perceived by the Prime minister of New Zealand.

Note how when someone else writes the post it is called a guest post. As a teacher i know its not cool to touch others hair…especially younger girls hair.

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I would be suspended by the teachers council. This is just plain weird and very revealing of jk mindset. Is a pattern starting to emerge here. He has supported his Ex MP Sabin in his [family difficulties]. And then there this. And replaced a legally dodgy phrase.

No doubt there are others. He added: Just think, in a parallel universe somewhere the waitress smacked him in the mouth in front of his astonished bodyguards. She was charged with assault, but laid multiple counter-charges of her own and was acquitted. Because the Dear Leader was PM, the court went easy on him and discharged him without conviction, but his reputation was shot and he retired soon after to devote himself to a semi-permanent holiday in Hawaii….

The fact he felt entitled to do this to a stranger seams to be of no concern to them. This is as bad as when YouTuber Sam Pepper tried to say his pinching of female bottoms was all in jest. Is not pulling a strangers hair assault even if you claim it is in jest? I very much doubt he would have done that to a man with a ponytail!

It is not only creepy but sexist! Leave Him alone!!!! He has steered us out of the mess that the socialists left us in, what with Maori and everything- not to mention the Global Financial Warming thing- and taken us Horny married wives in Hsikueitu Rockstar status Quo, almost single handedly.

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