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Lost soul seeking

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Luke We are supposed to live for Him and not for self. And He is greatly interested in seeing lost people come to Him and be saved! For the son of man came to seek and to save the lost. Lost soul seeking

Seeking And Saving The Lost Sermon by Steve Shepherd, Luke -

Easy verse to remember, but hard to do in siul. I Timothy 2: This assumes that He believed they were lost. How were they lost? Sin is the big problem in this world. Sin is our big problem whether we want to own up to it Lost soul seeking not.

Sin is what got Adam and Eve booted out of the garden. How did they sin?

They disobeyed God. They let Satan, the old deceiver, dupe them into believing a lie. He lied to them because he was a liar from the beginning.

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And people are easily duped into sinning today by the evil one and by evil people of this world. Romans 3: How can we overcome sin?

The Struggle Of A Lost Soul Searching For Their Passion | Thought Catalog

How can we be saved from our sins? How can we have them taken away?

How can we experience victory Lost soul seeking life? Only in Jesus. John 1: Occasionally I take some fish out of your fishbowl and put them into mine, and you do the same with my bowl.

We need to Lost soul seeking more fresh fish instead of swapping fish that have already been caught! We need to win more people to Christ! There is drive, which is smooth as silk and just keeps going and going like the Energizer bunny.

It shifts through six different gears, going zoom, zoom, zoom! Then there is the manual shift mode which can be manually shifted Lost soul seeking six different gears, but without a clutch like we had on cars in the past and a few still do.

Seeking the Lost - Articles ‹ Highway 27S Church of Christ

Please realize this: There are suol gears for forward Lost soul seeking but only one neutral gear and one reverse gear. So which do you suppose the manufacturer thinks a person should do the most?

And so with the church. He designed us for forward motion, not reversal and not neutral gear, doing nothing.

Seeking the Lost

Jesus said to go and make disciples! How are we are going to seek and Lost soul seeking the lost? Let me share some simple but powerful tools for bringing sreking to Christ. Romans Is it for people?

Lost soul seeking

For your own family members? For your friends and neighbors?

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Lost soul seeking

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