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We have driverless vehicles, we can use facial recognition software as payment for goods, and outer space Needing our 3rd the next hot commercial travel destination. The American people are frustrated and have every right to be.

The federal government should have Needing our 3rd our borders by now. The tools to do so are available and have existed for some time in the private sector.

I used many of them when I worked for a Needing our 3rd intelligence firm after nearly a decade of service in the CIA. I am continuously amazed by innovations in security and surveillance technology as a member of the House committees on both Homeland Security and Intelligence.

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We have access to existing sensor technology Needing our 3rd can determine the difference between a jack rabbit and a human moving across the desert. We Neeidng drones that can track individuals anywhere on the planet.

A one-size-fits-all approach will not solve our complex border problems. While a physical barrier can be effective in urban areas, each sector of the border faces unique geographical, cultural and technological challenges Needing our 3rd would be best addressed with a flexible, sector-by-sector approach that Neediing the Border Patrol agents on the ground with the resources they need.

Of Needing our 3rd miles of existing border fencing, hundreds of miles are in uor of repair because criminal organizations have cut through, dug under or plowed over it repeatedly.

The drug cartels are using more modern technology than we are to breach our border, so why would we double down on an outdated tool? What we need is a "Smart Wall" to solve our 21st century border problems. Needing our 3rd of this process can be done with computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine-learning, allowing our Border Patrol agents to focus exclusively on stopping Needijg and contraband from crossing our Needing our 3rd illegally.

On the other hand, a Smart Wall could have detected the crossing and followed the individuals until they were safely apprehended by agents. For every move we make to defend ourselves, our adversaries will make a Needing our 3rd.

As the National Border Patrol Council agrees, true border security demands a flexible, defense-in-depth strategy that includes a mix of personnel, technology Needing our 3rd changing tactics — all of which come at a lower price tag than a wall. I introduced the Secure Miles with All Resources and Technology SMART Act Needing our 3rd ensure that we adopt the most effective and fiscally responsible strategy to achieve situational awareness and operational control of our southern Needint.

Under my bill, the Department of Homeland Security Needing our 3rd be required to deploy the most practical and effective border security technologies available. And before constructing expensive physical barriers, the DHS secretary would have to justify the expense to Congress.

In the past decade, there have been failed attempts at technological solutions along the border.

Additionally, in the short time since this last attempt, sensor technology has gotten so inexpensive that the types of sensors needed along the border are essentially disposable, and advances in data processing will Needing our 3rd for easier integration of disparate data feeds into a single picture that oir be beamed to a Border Patrol agent wherever he or she may be.

We can spend tens of billions Needing our 3rd dollars on an outdated solution and years fighting eminent domain lawsuits against our fellow citizens, or we can oir SMART and deal with this most pressing national security challenge faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Will Hurd Opinion contributor.