Scent Your Venue

Scent Your Venue We’ve all had the experience of walking into a room that smells absolutely delicious.  Maybe it’s your favorite store, spritzed with their signature cologne. Or maybe it’s your grandmother’s house, with wafting aromas of warm vanilla and fresh baked cookies.  Have you wondered how you might be able to capture these luxurious […]

How to Pick an Age Appropriate Fragrance

Many people find it hard to choose an age appropriate fragrance. Do you remember the first perfume you ever bought? The first fragrance I remember purchasing for myself was an extra sweet and fruity “Seduction” body spray.  My young teen self was intrigued by the alluring promises of seduction and femininity. The fragrance smelled of […]

Desert35 Fragrances Featured on SWAAY

After months in the making, we are thrilled to finally share this publication with you! Desert35 Fragrances featured on SWAAY with our founder, Sharon Farsijani talking how rejection helped her get to where she is in her successful career now. This is an inspiring story for all! Continue scrolling to read more or click here to […]